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“A brave and searching book for the intelligent reader who is hungry for answers, reflection, understanding, and validation.”


      —Rachel Morris, counselor, sex psychotherapist to 

Cosmopolitan U.K.


“Inspiring, compelling and courageous.” 


      — Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, Professor of Integrative Health Studies,

California Institute of Integral Studies


“After His Affair gives voice to the trauma of women struggling to survive infidelity. This brave book will help validate and support a woman on this terribly challenging journey.”


      —Janis Abrahms Spring, PhD, author of After the Affair: Healing 

the Pain and Rebuilding Trust When a Partner Has Been Unfaithful


The discovery of your partner's cheating shatters the very core of your being. It's difficult to value and to allow our grieving, our anger, our rage, even our shame, the time and space to move us into a deeper life. We're supposed to just get over it, and move on. 


Anger is not nice, causes trouble, and grieving is a bummer. Yet it is natural and healthy to feel angry when violated, and to grieve our disappointments and our losses. Virtually every one of us has been, or will be, in some way touched by infidelity. Why is this happening? How can we make good of these experiences in our individual lives? And how might we avoid—or heal from—the trauma of infidelity in our own relationships?


“This intimate and conversational book serves as a guide to those who refuse to be defined by their pain, and instead choose to grow from it. The author’s voice is one amongst many, sharing their journey on the warrior’s pathway to wholeness and empowerment. ”  


—Jay Kent-Ferraro, PhD, Surprised by Love: One Couple's Journey from Infidelity to True Love


“Betrayal hurts, and the consequences are profound, deep and long-lasting. After His Affair is a must-read for anyone seeking to heal from infidelity.  It is balanced with contemporary research, author insights, spiritual revelations, and messages of healing, strength, and empowerment. ”


—Kassia  Wosick,  PhD, Sex,  Love,  and  Fidelity: A Study of Contemporary Romantic Relationships


“After His Affair reveals the impact infidelity leaves not only on the woman who has been betrayed, but also on her family. This is an issue we can no longer ignore. This book provides women with the means to face a critical time with awareness and sensibility. ”  


—Ana  Nogales,  PhD, Parents  Who  Cheat:  How Children and Adults Are Affected When Their Parents Are Unfaithful 


Callander writes as a woman who has both betrayed and been betrayed. The voices of other women who have travelled this road join her in this unique and intimate exploration of the many faces of infidelity. Polls show that around 85% of people believe infidelity is wrong. More than 90% of married individuals do not approve of extramarital sex, and yet almost half admit to having had an affair. What drives this dichotomy between what we say we should do and what we do?


This book offers understanding and new perspectives for reflection, dialogue, hope and healing. 



Passionate and compassionate, provocative and reassuring, this book encourages self-reflection and dialogue. It is perfect for book clubs, reading group discussions, women's or men's groups, and class dialogue.


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