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“This intimate and conversational book serves as a guide to those who refuse to be defined by their pain, and instead choose to grow from it. The author’s voice is one amongst many, sharing their journey on the warrior’s pathway to wholeness and empowerment.”

—Jay Kent-Ferraro, PhD, Surprised by Love: One Couple's Journey from Infidelity to True Love


“A brave and searching book for the intelligent reader who is hungry for answers, reflection, understanding, and validation.”

—Rachel Morris, counselor, sex psychotherapist to  Cosmopolitan U.K.


“Betrayal hurts, and the consequences are profound, deep and long-lasting. After His Affair is a must-read for anyone seeking to heal from infidelity.  It is balanced with contemporary research, author insights, spiritual revelations, and messages of healing, strength, and empowerment.”

—Kassia Wosick,  PhD, Sex, Love, and Fidelity: A Study of Contemporary Romantic Relationships


“After His Affair isn’t about him; it's about her—her journey from infidelity to wholeness. The women’s stories are a powerful testimony to the anguish women experience in the wake of infidelity, but also to the inner strength and the growth that can result. The stories and exercises provide tools for women to use through a dark period and offer hope that there truly is light at the end of the journey.”

—Marilyn Milos, Founder and Director of NOCIRC 


“After His Affair gives voice to the trauma of women struggling to survive infidelity. This brave book will help validate and support a woman on this terribly challenging journey.”

—Janis Abrahms Spring, PhD, author of After the Affair: Healing the Pain and Rebuilding Trust When a

Partner Has Been Unfaithful 


“After His Affair reveals the impact infidelity leaves not only on the woman who has been betrayed, but also on her family. This is an issue we can no longer ignore. This book provides women with the means to face a critical time with awareness and sensibility.”  

—Ana  Nogales, PhD, Parents Who Cheat: How Children and Adults Are Affected When Their Parents 

Are Unfaithful 


“A practical and liberating spiritual perspective that sees through the subtle cultural and psychological justifications for infidelity. Callander reframes the experience of infidelity as a critical, even if unwelcome, turning point in a woman’s life through which she can awaken to her own strength and wholeness.”

—Shoshana Alexander, co-author of Awakening Joy: Ten Steps to Happiness 


“After His Affair gives sorely needed direction, hope, and support for the hard work of recovery. The author takes you by the hand, sits next to you and tells you how it is—with understanding, support, and validation. She lays a foundation for readers—those recently betrayed and those who may, years later, carry remnants of the betrayal—to rebuild themselves and then their lives. There is potential for wholeness and healing after an affair. This book facilitates that.”

—Elly Taylor, relationship counselor and author of Becoming Us

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